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Announcing the

MOVEMENT™ Great Toe System

For sufferers of arthritic big toe joints!

Movement Graet Toe System Implant

ANNOUNCEMENT – Jan 15, 2010

We are pleased to announce that a new Great Toe Implant has been approved today by the FDA, the MOVEMENT™ Great Toe System. Ascension Orthopedics Inc, Austin Texas was chosen by Drs. John Vanore (Gadsden AL), William Montross (Colorado Springs CO) and Benjamin Overley (Philadelphia PA) to manufacture and distribute their new joint implant. It is designed to replace arthritic joint surfaces in the big toe.

Dr. Vanore holds three patents relating to great toe implants and instruments. Dr. Vanore has been an investigator, author and lecturer of great toe implants for the past 25 years.

This system was designed as a bone-sparing surface replacement of either the metatarsal or phalangeal segment.

Ascension OrthopedicsDrs. Vanore and Gorham will be offering this procedure to patients with degenerative joint disease of the big toe. The surgical procedure may be performed as an out-patient procedure and allows the patient immediate weight-bearing in a surgical shoe.