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Gadsden Foot Clinic is the oldest podiatry practice in Etowah County.

Gadsden Foot Clinic evolved  from the practices of Dr. Bill Wood (1970s) and Dr. Don Provenzano (1980-1990s). Dr. Vanore moved to Gadsden in 1998 with the retirement of Dr. Provenzano and later merged practices with Dr. Ernie Seckel (1972-2000) who retired from his Gadsden practice after 28 years of service to the community.

Our office is handicapped accessible with automatic doors for patients using walkers or wheelchairs. 

Our Facility Offers

X-Ray – In-office x-ray facilities are available for immediate diagnostic evaluation of our patients’ problems.


Gait Analysis – Gadsden Foot Clinic utilizes computerized gaitanalysis through theFootmaxx system.This is often utilized toimage a patients foot while walking and allowing instantaneous digital imaging of the patients foot.


Orthotic Lab – An in-office orthotics lab allowsour podiatricphysicians to fit and dispenseorthotics as well asmultiple density in-soles. Modifications for finetuningyour in-shoe devices are immediately available. Complete custom-type orthotics may be fabricated utilizing a large range of materials. In-shoe braces, night splints and heel protectors are available.


Surgery – Dedicated in-office surgical suites are available for minor procedures such as ingrown toenails and warts.